Article 134 – Stolen Property: Knowingly Receiving, Buying, Concealing

If a service member buys, receives or conceals stolen property, when he knew that the property was stolen from another person, then it is an offense and he can be punished as per the provisions under paragraph 106 of the Manual for Court Martial. Knowingly buying, receiving and concealing stolen property is covered under Article 134, along with several other offenses.

CORE CRIMINAL LAW SUBJECTS: Crimes: Article 134 – Stolen Property-Knowingly Receiving, Buying, Concealing. 2002. United States v.

Have you been accused or charged with knowingly receiving, buying, or concealing property under Article 122 of the UCMJ?

Article 134—(Stolen property: knowingly receiving, buying, concealing) a. Text of statute. See paragraph 60. b. Elements.

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