Article 134 – Subornation of Perjury

This article covers incidents where the accused committed perjury by inducing another person to take a lawful oath in a trial by a court of competent jurisdiction and to testify and depose falsely on which the accused did not then believe to be true.

The Manual for Courts-Martial states any service member may be subject to prosecution if they induce and procure another person to:.

Article 134 Perjury: subornation of) a. Text of statute. See paragraph 60. b. Elements. (1) That the accused induced and procured a cer.

You or someone you love has been accused of persuading another individual to commit perjury to sway the outcome of a legally authorized military trial. Now, the military’s justice system has set its sights on you, accusing you of violating Article 131a of the UCMJ and committing the offense of subornation of perjury. What began as an attempt to avoid or mitigate charges has now become an act which could substantially increase them. A soldier who is found guilty of subornation of perjury faces a significant maximum sentence, which, when added to the current sentence, could be catastrophic to his or her future.

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