Military Divorce Attorneys in Houston, Texas

  1. When a military family goes through a divorce, there are unique circumstances that influence decisions and outcomes. We are one of the leading military law firms who represent Fort Hood and Fort Bliss in Texas. When it comes to divorce in the military, we have the knowledge and the experience to successfully protect the rights of our US Armed Forces and their spouses.

  2. Military divorce cases can often be confusing. If one or both spouses are on active duty, they might have difficulty filing their cases or getting to court, especially if they are overseas. There might also be increased challenges for asset division involving military benefits or child custody issues for parents on active duty. For help with your military divorce case, call our Houston military divorce lawyers today. The Queenan Law Firm’s divorce attorneys can help husbands and wives file divorce cases whether they are in the military or married to someone in the military. We can also help you with the nuances of these kinds of cases. For your free legal consultation, call us today at (817) 476-1797.

  3. You need to be organized during your divorce to avoid it becoming disastrous. Your lawyer can help you understand the steps you need to take and answer all your questions about military divorce. This includes answering questions about military issues such as benefits, relocation, and custody during deployment. Your lawyer can also advise you on property division, paying of marital debts, domestic violence, and more.

  4. Divorce in Houston is an often difficult and painful decision to make. You entered into a marriage filled with love, hope, and optimism, only for those emotions to turn into something else entirely. Now the prospect of divorce is looming, and you may be filled with sorrow, apprehension, and anger. You are being asked to master your emotions while trying to navigate the confusing and tedious legal framework surrounding the divorce process.

  5. You need an experienced Houston military divorce attorney who knows the ins and outs of military divorces. Consulting with an experienced military divorce lawyer as early as possible can help you better understand your rights during a military divorce. The attorneys at The Stout Law Firm, PLLC, have ample experience acting as divorce lawyers for military spouses and service members. We represent clients throughout the greater Houston area, including Harrison and Harris counties.

  6. Just like civilian divorce, military divorce is an emotional rollercoaster for both parties involved. Military divorce involves a divorce where one or both spouses are in the National Guard, are active duty military personnel, or are reservists. In Texas, there are additional procedures that only pertain to military divorce. So service members need to consult an experienced military divorce lawyer to ensure they meet all the requirements needed to finalize their military divorce.

  7. Military pensions are also an important factor for negotiation in a Texas military divorce. When someone retires from the military after serving for at least twenty years, they receive a sizable pension for the rest of their life. Typically, the former spouse receives half of the pension if they were married for at least ten years of the service period. However, this is negotiable. Sometimes spouses married for less time still receive half of the pension. Sometimes, spouses married for a decade still receive less than half of the pension. The military will not give an ex-spouse more than half of the pension, so if the court orders more the military spouse is required to give that money directly to his or her ex.

  8. Often, military families move frequently for different deployments, which means that the non-military spouse has either been unemployed or underemployed for the length of the marriage to support the career of their husband or wife. The military spouse might owe them spousal support since they put their own career on hold. Experienced military family law attorneys understand how to take the unique military situation into account.

  9. At The Larson Law Office, PLLC, our attorneys have experience as divorce lawyers for military spouses. When you call our office, a family law attorney will explain the complexity of divorcing while in the military. First, military deployment can affect where you should file your divorce petition. Second, divorce will affect whether you can receive military and retirement benefits. Finally, you should consider how child custody and support will work during active duty deployment.

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